• Carly Feinman

Day 7- 9.23.20

Classroom Globes Are Built

In a factory in Houston, Texas.

Workers in white wait for meat sandwiches,

dry teeth meet bread, gazes roll slow and dumb like marbles

on a chair seat.

Bells are rung, switches flick up, and hands spring back

into making.

Spines curve and set like paper mache,

cheeks sharpen, eyeballs grow yellow under

the buzzing fluorescence.

Beneath strategic netting, their soft brains focus

to avoid the looming clack of blades, the swooping shadow of

stiff plaster. Like clams producing pearls, they are awake.

They are awake like clams pried open, shucked, and swallowed.

Hours hum by in conveyor belt piles

until the final bell is rung, apparatus shrieks simmer to wheezing and

the workers go home with blue paint beneath their nails.

Thus, the children will learn what

the world looks like,

how it turns.


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