• Carly Feinman

Day 55- 11.10.20

Upon reading the newspaper

This much is clear:

Officials make statements based on

very little--sometimes, even, based on nothing at all.

Some men ask questions like what went wrong

while other men don't ask, just tell and tell and tell

with a masculine fury from a war they never fought.

Viral speculation, sensationalized truth and

polls and votes will ultimately be boiled down

to snappy headlines as hoax after hoax and

rebuttals and retorts enter the scene and refuse to rest.

The masses might damn treason and send tweets

as they stay home and go out and accept mobsters as politicians and

politicians as gods;

as the bodies that once breathed are slapped down onto

autopsy tables, as nurses roll corpses into the morgue,

from the overflowing morgue out the hospital door and

into refrigerated trucks

out in the street.

But don't let it dominate your life, pussy.

If nothing else, be sure to do nothing.

If nothing else, be sure to talk straight out of your ass

until your voice goes horse and can no longer be heard.

Never forget to get in line and stay there.

Get in line and wait there for

more information or

false claims or

new weapons or

worse comes to worst

steady, insurmountable, fire-like rage.

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