• Carly Feinman

Day 49- 11.4.20

My 3-foot tall, plastic Christmas tree arrived

It came thoroughly packaged and even so,

almost immediately, it was unwrapped,

plugged into the wall and

casting spooky shadows

around the room.

It wasn’t nearly enough.

To rephrase,

it wasn’t nearly what I needed it to be

for me today.

Not enough of a serotonin boost and

not enough of a distraction.

To be clear, it doesn’t do nothing for me;

It definitely adds something to the mix.

The promise of the passage of time,


This artificial tree is unnecessary

and will certainly collect more dust by December

than even the lonely fitness bike,

but this New York Jew stands by her superfluous panic buy

with Viking-like zeal.

Because what else are we to do right now

on this Godforsaken planet— and also

it was worth a try.


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