• Carly Feinman

Day 47- 11.2.20

You’ll find me, won’t you

You’ll find me in the weeds

if you find me at all. If you find me at all it will be amongst

the thorns and critters, the shadows and thick brown silence of this here cave,

this tattered dwelling I return to

time and time again

when the loud world rumbles me dumb and fearful.

Don’t bother looking on some sunny patch of

well-fertilized grass, nor around a group of

smiling, wide-eyed yuppies.

There, you’ll find the fool who thinks himself lucky to have never known the depths

of real darkness, the fool who scoffs at scars

and talks himself in carousel circles.

No, I’ll be far from that crowd, waiting

in the mess, waiting for the storm to sigh—

that’s when you’ll find me.

You’ll find me happy.


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