Moments after saying "I do," Martha and Bill are handed a map and pushed onto a sailboat toward their happily-ever-after. Not only must they navigate the wide ocean, they also must figure out what sex is before they get there. Unsupervised for the first time in their lives, they question society's expectations that they've been spoonfed since birth.

How can a happy marriage end in cold-blooded murder? How and why are strange and grotesque violences carried out? And furthermore, what the hell is that smell?! STENCH, originally produced by Second Stage at Wesleyan University, follows a middle-aged married couple as they drive to and from the final verdict hearing of the 1995 OJ Simpson murder trial, the most publicized criminal trial in American history. In the face of such a heinous crime, what will Barbara and Andrew learn about themselves and their own marriage? 

This Shakespearean Tragedy written in iambic pentameter and set in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1969, follows Daisy and Violet Hilton, a 60-year-old set of conjoined twins, during the final days of their lives. This play was written as Carly's senior thesis in English at Wesleyan University and received Honors. 


If Sand Were Stone follows a remarkable poet as she and her family grapple with her early-onset Alzheimer's Disease at the peak of her career. As their world unsteadies and shifts, they must learn to hold fast to love against all odds. Inspired by a true story and by extensive first-hand research with Alzheimer’s patients and their families, If Sand Were Stone is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and, most importantly, to fierce love.